About Us

I am Janine, the owner and creator of Day Dreamer Collective. I am the biggest Day Dreamer around; I permanently live with my head in the clouds. This business is me, following my dream.

I love lounging around in my “comfy home clothes” and that is exactly where my inspiration for my first collection came from. I want you to be able to lounge around comfortably, while doing whatever it is that you enjoy in your safe space. Day Dreamer clothes should make you feel like an absolute Goddess.

I am so excited for the new Safari Collection Range as this is the first loungewear that we are releasing! The loungewear sets are perfect to wear in so many different ways. When designing this collection I wanted the sets to be comfortable, versatile and easy to wear. I love the colours and the style because it gives off an autumn feel. I love that the long sleeve shirt is perfect for this time of the year. You can wear it around your waist during the day, and then throw it over your t-shirt in the evening when it starts to get chilly.

We do also love making robes and pajamas for wedding days, we would also love to custom make your wedding robe if you have any special ideas. So please feel free to get in touch if you have any ideas or questions.

Keep dreaming xx